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(Fangy the Alpha)

This is a one-page personal introduction. I love magnificently arts, trail hiking, simple life.Thus, this page is also simple. ⊙ω⊙

"Let's start from here :

The online-translator translated my fan name as "wolf king".... but it was incorrect. The Chinese people always called the alpha male in animal groups as "king". But it was still a clever fan name in Chinese.By using the combination name, I did know the ranking of the members who supported me or not, or if they liked Role Playing or not. For example, members who called me “Boss”、"My leader" were those who supported me more than just calling “Hey! White Fang”. In my experience, this simple method really working and was up to 85% accuracy rate.The below art was a piece of commission artwork from an artist in Germany. Cubs are so cute when they are young. If a big wolf teaching them how to howl like a wolf, they properly able to learn quite well. : 3

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I'm currently a curator at Chinese WikiFurClick to visit my talk page.
I'm also the founder and administrator of Wolves' Paradise community.
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About me

  • Fangy comes from Taiwan, a province of China (in politics, a.k.a. Pseudo-regime R.O.C. which was repelled by the U.N. In October 1971.)

  • Learning English, German, and Russian.

  • With basic Information Technology skills......ok, at least it was enough to build the websites.

  • Due to the political persecution of the government and local fanatic people in Taiwan after late 2011, Fangy felt himself approaching the communist party of China and P.R.C in political ideologies.Thus this website was written in simplified Chinese.

  • Once, Fangy's fan name was "Kiba", but had changed his fan name a long time ago because he'd like to de-Japanification.